“Ain pronkjewail in golden raand, is Grönnen, Stad en Ommelaand”

With the same intention, he sings the anthem to Groningen as "La Montagne " by Jean Ferrat, Patron Cuisinier Jean -Michel Hengge, from France.

In the season at the crack of dawn often found on the Groningen salt marshes to pick sea lavender and samphire or in the forests of Drenthe picking mushrooms. Products that can be found on the plates of his guests, the same evening.

The philosophy of Mémé, his grandmother and first teacher, was simple and is still honored by him: respect the product and cook from your heart !

Jean-Michel Hengge, Patron cuisinier Restaurant Muller
His specialties:
Ballottine of goose and duck liver.
Fried scallops with chanterelles and chanterelles gravy.
Rack of lamb in salt dough with gravy and samphire.